The Go To Market Company is the place where you can leverage your portfolio, your know-how, your experience, your relevant Network in the ICT or Digital market and experience in young companies and start-up. 

Forget ageism!

The Go to Market Company is the right place for Senior Sales Professionals in Digital and Information Technology Industry to find the best business opportunity in the EMEA market.
For a Senior Professional, finding meaningful opportunities, especially, in the business-to-business environment, it’s getting harder and harder. We know your struggle against age discrimination in the global b2b scenario because we are like you. We are a team of senior professionals who have been working for over 20 years in ICT. An industry sector that more than others nowadays tends to award young raw talents more than senior and experienced professionals. 


Youth is a state of mind

Young people are passionate, open minded, digital native, without ties and, above all, they are ‘cheaper’. 

At The Go to Market Company we strongly believe that talent, enthusiasm and energy never age.

Furthermore, a senior professional in the specific sales function has got the most important asset, his personal local network, that is impossible to build just in a few years and that has a tremendous value for companies aiming to expand out of their geographic boundaries.

The Go to Market Company was born to help Senior Sales Professionals to leverage this asset and to shift their career perspective from the condition of employees to the status of entrepreneurs who earn based on the results they achieve. 

More than a headhunter, more than a social network, more than word of mouth.

The Go To Market Company is a networking platform between companies and professionals belonging to the IT world, characterized by a digital and direct approach.

Subscribe to our service and our unique algorithm will connect you with young companies that need exactly what you have.

Joining our virtual international network of Senior Sales Professionals will allow you to meet companies that want to grow their sales across the EMEA markets and for this reason they need experienced sales people with their already established local network.

But that’s not all.
To keep up with a world that goes fast, Senior Sales Professionals must enhance their personal Skills, Expertise, Intellect and Network as well as keep up-to-date on modern technologies and new scenarios. 
The Go to Market Company offers a range of services to fulfil this need.

For Senior Professional in Sales or Marketing with a relevant local network it’s the perfect place to meet new clients in the EMEA markets.

For sales professionals who are currently looking for new opportunities, or simply want to expand their portfolio, it is a multiplier of opportunities.

Join our network to enjoy our free and complementary services.

Our network services

per 12 months

As a TGTMC subscriber, you can:

1. Create your public profile
2. Edit and update your profile
3. Search for opportunities fitting your needing and desires
4. Look at the announcements posted by the companies
5. Save the announcements you prefer in your wishlist
6. Apply to opportunities
7. Save the announcements you applied for 

Included in the annual fee, you can ask for a professional feedback on your CV or we can create your profile on TGTMC starting from your CV. 


Try our services for free for the first 7 days.
If you join our network now you will have 12 months for 300 € + 7 free days starting from today.

Complementary services

Professional CV Feedback

Not sure I have the right CV…
Competition for the right role is at an all-time high, crafting a resume that set you apart is absolutely key. Recruiters spend less than 20 seconds looking at each CV/resume – making every single sentence count. Furthermore, with the rise of AI and the use of ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems), formatting has become critical.


What will I get?
An in-depth review of your CV, provided by Talent Acquisition experts – completely free of charge.
This will include feedback on the visual presentation and organisation of your CV, compliance with the different Country requirements (Photo yes, Photo no – What personal info to include and withhold), adherence to the ATS formatting standards as well as advice on the content of the CV.

Price: Included in your subscription fee

Creation of Profile on TGTMC starting from CV

I want my profile to stand out and attract opportunities!
One of the reason of why you have registered on this network is to get as many hits as you can with companies that want to expand in your geography and sector of reference. Having the right profile that shows your experience, skills and capabilities is a must.


What can you do for me?
Fortunately, you are a very busy Senior Professional and you would like somebody to do this for you. Extracting relevant information from your CV seems like the best thing to do.
We will ask you for your latest CV, and we will create a professional profile fit for the TGTMC site. We will also feature your profile for 30 days in our home page if you so desire. We will send you a mock first to be approved before publishing it on our site.

Price: Included in your subscription fee

Help in the creation of new CV

I need a CV!
Sometimes it happens. The last CV you have written was right out of school and you have never had the need to have one as you were always been referred to the next job. So, from where do I start? My first job or my last job? Should I write that I like football and classical music? Shall I have to mention personal aspect of my life?


What can I get?
There are many extremely good CV builder sites out there, so definitely you have that option. Not expensive and even efficient. But if you want a human being to exchange ideas and ask questions in an interactive way then we can help you build your CV. Exactly how you want it and adjust it after you have tried it out with our exclusive 3 months guarantee, where we will review it until you are totally satisfied with it. 

Price: 400,00€

CV editing and redesign

I don’t like my CV and want a new one!
I have a CV, but every time I show it to someone they tell me they do not understand what I really do or they could not read it because it was in a weird format, or their automated systems could not load it.


What can I do?
Sometimes your CV just need to be freshened up, updated and have a layout change. It has to be ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) friendly and thus editing and redesign is all you need. Our Talent Acquisition experts will interact with you to improve content and formatting so that you can be more effective in your career progression.

Price: 150,00€

Personal branding page

Do I need to sell myself?
Indeed you do. We all do. Personal branding is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands. With the support of Digital Marketing Tools this is becoming within reach of many.


How can I promote myself?
One of our first customers has been Mad4Mobile, a Digital Marketing Software reseller that sells Mobile Marketing Engagement Tools. TGTMC has partnered with M4M to provide you with a Personal Branding Page built using Mobile StoryTelling. Mobile StoryTelling it’s ideal to share personal stories and to introduce in an innovative way your name and profile creating interest and curiosity. Creating a digital tale, about yourself optimized for mobile devices, has become easy, quick and effective. This StoryTelling Tool has been optimised for iOS and Android operating systems and for devices with screens over 4 inches.

Price: Call for quote

Coaching session

What can I do to build on my strengths?
Even if you are a very good Golf Player and your handicap is somewhat better than your friends, sometimes you just do not get it right. When there is too much wind your performance is awful and when it rains and the green becomes muddy in certain spots you really wish you could get some expert advice. This is what coaches are for. Make you think about the situation you are in and how to improve your performance especially during rainy days.


What can I get?
TGTMC has partnered with some of the most effective business coaches that have already been tested and used by our team. We also get coaching and so we value the advice and support we can get with coaching sessions. We offer this in different languages and our selected coaches have great cross-cultural exposure and experience. A first 10 Minutes skype session is for free, give it a try!

Price: Call for quote

More info

Reach our team using our contact form or try our FAQ session to have answers to most common questions.



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